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8 Best Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Houston

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It’s always hard to leave your house when you have a pet. Your pup will whine and follow you to the ends of the earth — or at least until you’re forced to slam the door in her face. Your cat may be more subtle about it, using their mental powers to try to get you to sit down somewhere and give them a lap. Pets simply don’t like it when their owners are away, so why not take them along? I know for a fact that your dog would be much in favor of a new adventure, and even if your cat is less enthusiastic, they’ll likely enjoy themselves (eventually). To make sure you never have to experience that sad goodbye again — until you have to go somewhere else, at least — we’ve compiled this list of pet-friendly restaurants in Houston.

Barnaby’s Cafe

Dog-themed and dog-friendly

a dog mural
Photo courtesy of Barnaby’s Cafe

A dog mural adorns the wall in Barnaby’s downtown location

(River Oaks Location)

1701 S Shepherd Dr

Houston, TX 77019



Mon: 11am-10pm

Tue-Fri: 7am-10pm

Sat-Sun: 8am-10pm


Named after and inspired by the owner’s childhood dog, Barnaby’s is truly a restaurant for pet-lovers — so of course they would allow you to bring along your pets! Barnaby’s specializes in American dishes, and even though they offer many basic classics, they still have options for vegans and vegetarians, as well as some more healthy meals if you happen to be watching your waistline. Since they have eight different locations around Houston, it’ll be easy to bring your furry friend along no matter where you live.

“If you are looking to eat super bad and unhealthy OR super good and healthy, this is your stop! It's a great place where, whoever you are with, everyone can find something on the menu. I love the whole idea behind this restaurant, from one dog lover to other dog lovers, this is a place where dogs are welcome on the patio! The atmosphere is bright and casual. The menu offers lots of variety.” - Britney G. on Yelp

Good Dog Houston

Good Dog Houston welcomes good dogs of all sorts

four hot dogs loaded with toppings
Photo courtesy of Spindletop Design

Those are some fancy dogs!

(Heights location)

903 Studewood St

Houston, TX 77008

The Heights


Tue-Thu: 11am-10pm

Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm

Sun: 11am-10pm




True to its name, Good Dog Houston loves both good dogs and good dawgs. Their casual atmosphere and open patio makes this a destination for all pet owners — along with their delicious loaded hot dogs, of course! Good Dog isn’t only for dogs either — in fact, they have a resident cat Frank who takes it upon himself to greet all customers, so feel free to bring your kitty along to hang out too. All their condiments are made from scratch and all ingredients are locally sourced.

“Love love love this place! I always come here whenever I crave for some good hot dog, or when my bf and I can't make up our mind on where to get dinner. The setting of this place is cute and simple. You can bring your furry friend with you here because the patio is dog friendly. Don't forget to say hi to the chubby cat chilling in the patio. We check on him everytime we stop by. The service here is fast and friendly. They never failed us. The last time we were here. I got the sunshine dog. It tasted amazing. I would also recommend the lavender lemonade if you're looking for something super tasty and refreshing.” - Gia N. on Yelp

Around the Corner

Though it may be small and out-of-the-way, Around the Corner still has room for your pets

a woman and her dog enjoying their food
Photo courtesy of Mobius G. on Yelp

Pups + apps = happiness

1510 Hutchins St

Houston, TX 77003



Mon-Wed: 1pm-12am

Thu-Fri: 1pm-2am

Sat: 11am-2am

Sun: 11am-12am




A casual, hip cafe by day, and a refined cocktail and wine bar by night, Around the Corner offers the best of all worlds — tasty appetizer-style food, great alcohol, and a comfortable atmosphere to hang out with your pet. Their outdoor seating allows you to take advantage of warm Houston nights, and the interior is a remodeled bungalow complete with unique chandeliers and wood paneling. On Monday is Pint Night; Tuesday, Wine Night; and Thursday, Steak Night.

“I LOVED this place! Cute ambiance, friendly bartenders, delicious food! And cats outside!!! Yup doesn't get any better!!! 100% recommend this place. They got it all.” - Jocelyn A. on Yelp


A classic Texas restaurant — but add dogs!

Cottonwood's patio with a dog
Photo courtesy of Wendy W. on Yelp

Cottonwood’s extensive patio is the perfect place to hang with your pup

3422 N Shepherd Dr

Houston, TX 77018

Independence Heights


Mon-Thu: 4pm-12am

Fri-Sat: 11am-2am

Sun: 11am-12am



With a huge patio and an even bigger menu, Cottonwood puts the “bigger” in “everything’s bigger in Texas” — but that just means that they’ll be all the more accommodating to you and your pets. In addition to good, old-fashioned American food and a tasty selection of alcohol, Cottonwood often serves up live bands, making it the perfect casual place to kick it with your pup while enjoying good music.

“Live music, dog-friendly, kid-friendly, great selection of drafts, and my goodness the food. Especially steak night! One of best steaks I've had in Houston for steak night, well worth the money, super underrated. Also can't forget the gosh darn ZIMAS!!” - Jon I. on Yelp

Java Lava Brew

Who can resist a beautiful, Hawaiian-themed patio?

Java Lava Brew's store front
Photo courtesy of Albany Studio

1201 Southmore Blvd

Houston, TX 77004

Museum District


Mon-Sun: 7:30am-9pm



Looking for some unique grub to enjoy with your pets? Look no further than Java Lava Brew, a Hawaiian restaurant offering up kona pancakes, poke tuna, and their famous Su’s Slow Simmering Stew. Sit with your pup and sip your expertly brewed coffee on the plant-covered patio, and perhaps you can pretend for a second that you’re actually in Hawaii.

“Great place for food, awesome coffee, and a sweet atmosphere. I've been here a handful times for coffee, breakfast, and lunch. I am always impressed by the service and quality of their food/drink! Great place to study, as well, for those in school because they have free WiFi and usually seating that allows for enough study space. Also lots of outdoor seating for nice days!” - Matt A. on Yelp


As meticulous and spotless as it is, Vibrant still allows your furry friends to tag along

Vibrant's aesthetically pleasing dishes
Photo courtesy of Houston Press

1931 Fairview St

Houston, TX 77006



Mon-Wed: 7am-9pm

Thu-Sat: 7am-10pm

Sun: 7am-9pm



Far from the heavy burgers and greasy fries of some Houston restaurants, Vibrant is heavily focused on trending health food — everything on the menu is dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, GMO-free, and locally sourced. Of course, this is also reflected in the price, which is quite a bit above Houston’s standard, but if you’re looking for a place with Instagram-worthy dishes, dietary accommodations, and a serene atmosphere in which you can also hang out with your pets, you may want to try out Vibrant.

“Beautiful restaurant in the center of Montrose. The staff is very kind, the food is absolutely amazing and the ambiance is great. Their patio is beautiful (heaters in the winter and fans in the summer) and dog friendly! I have a wheat allergy and can eat everything on the menu - which I can't say for many restaurants! Favorite restaurant in Houston atm.” - Yasmine C. on Yelp

Retrospect Coffee Bar

Cool, retro, and with entirely outdoor seating

Retrospect's storefront
Photo courtesy of Hillary H. on Yelp

This building has lived many lives over the years — once a gas station, then a canvas for graffiti artists, and now a cozy coffee shop.

3709 La Branch St

Houston, TX 77004



Mon-Fri: 6:30am-6pm

Sat-Sun: 7:30am-6pm




Because Retrospect Coffee Bar is a remodeled gas station from the 20s, the seating is entirely outside — perfect if you want to grab a cup of coffee while hanging out with your pup. Their coffee is some of the best in Houston, sourced locally and made with their unique Slayer espresso machine, custom-made inn Seattle. Plus they offer a variety of dairy-free milk, including a rotating menu with such delicious options as butter pecan, peppermint cashew, and clove cinnamon cashew milks. If you’re hungry for a little more than coffee, they also have a limited crepe menu, each named after important Texan historical figures.

“Amazing coffee, delicious pastries, cool vibes and chill decor. Great coffee shop with friendly barista who knows his stuff and made great recommendations. Loved their cafe au lait and thoroughly enjoyed their backyard.” - Haroon W. on Yelp

Fusion Eats

Tacos + Pan-Asian influences + pets = heaven

a pan-asian style taco
Photo courtesy of Fusion Eats on Yelp

Who can resist fusion tacos?

9 Greenway Plz

Houston, TX 77046



Mon-Wed: 7am-8pm

Thu-Fri: 7am-9pm


The newest project from the owners of the Fusion Taco Truck, Fusion Eats combines Pan-Asian ingredients with South American-style food to give us the tastiest of both worlds. Their patio is pup-friendly, and their menu includes vegan and gluten-free options made with the best of locally sources, organic ingredients. What could be better?

“One of my favorite taco spots in Houston. Fusion Tacos offers a variety of tacos, from meat lovers to vegetarians. They not only offer tacos but queso, salads, quesadillas and lots of sides. All tacos are available on lettuce if you want to watch your carb intake.” - Bailey C. on Yelp

There’s no reason to have to look at your dog’s sad, sad face as you promise you’ll be back, or pry your cat off your lap. From gourmet hot dogs to aesthetically pleasing smoothie bowls, there is no craving that Houston’s pet friendly restaurants cannot satisfy — and, you get to eat your delicious food while hanging out with your furry friends. They’ll thank you, and you’ll thank yourself, for not leaving them behind.

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