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5 Wound Sprays That Help Heal Your Animal Friend

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Whether you own dogs, cats, horses, or all three, you’ve experienced the worry of seeing them wounded. We take care of animals like we do children, only animals are slightly more helpless! It’s hard not to feel responsible for their minor or major injuries. Luckily, animals bounce back fast, but they all deserve some aid in getting back to health. Fauna Care wound sprays are an easy way to treat your animal’s wounds. Some act as a preventive measure, allowing you to rest easy in case accidents happen, while others are fresh wounds, giving the best and immediate treatment. Fauna Care carries two lines of sprays, one designed for your house pets, and another line designed specifically for your horses.

Here are five types of wound sprays your animal will benefit from:

  • First Aid
  • Silver
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Protect & Condition
  • Zinc

First Aid Spray

For general care and first aid

dog leaping through ocean

This zinc and bacitracin combination is a great place to start. It can be used on your pets wounds to prevent or treat infection. Use first aid spray on your adventurous pet’s minor skin infections caused by small cuts, scrapes, or burns. Use Fauna Care first aid spray as soon as possible on a wound, and prevent an infection from developing. Bacitracin is an antibiotic that fights infection by stopping growth of certain bacteria. If you think your pet’s wounds are too serious or numerous to be treated at home, please don’t hesitate to take them to a vet!

Silver Spray

for wound care, hot spots, cuts, abrasions, and skin irritations

horses galloping through dust

This silver product works for cuts, scrapes, hot spots, and has general wound and skin care benefits. A mix of silver and zinc that kills bacteria and fungi, Fauna Care silver spray provides a deodorizing layer of protection over your animal’s wounds. After spraying onto the wound, there is no need to touch as the bottle has done the application for you. After application, you can rely on the formula to stay working as your animal remains active. A layer of silver spray also acts as a barrier against moisture. No wonder silver is so valuable!

Anti-Fungal Spray

For ringworm, animal fungal care and control

kitten with big eyes

This formula of ketoconazole and zinc fights against fungal conditions on your animal’s skin. Ketoconazole is also used to fight the dandruff on your human head. It works by stopping the production of the fungus’s cell wall. With no cell walls, these nasty funguses become weak, leak, and die. This easy-to-use product treats all types of animal fungal and skin conditions. While promoting healing and reducing itching, your animal will be relieved and back to health in no time.  

Protect & Condition Spray

For skin care and protection

kittens outside in the grass

Use this product for a general moisturizing and conditioning protector for all types of animals’ skin. The moisturizing effects begin to work as soon as it is applied. Like the other sprays, it is a completely no touch formula. Soothing raw and irritated skin caused by friction will keep your prized pet in great condition.

Zinc Spray

for scratches, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, and wound care

dog bites other dog's tail in lake

Zinc is included in two of our other formulas, add to your pet’s repertoire with this anti-itch, anti-inflammatory spray. When zinc comes into contact with an organism’s cells, it starts by maintaining the structure and integrity of skin tissue. Zinc supplements are often prescribed to people with skin ulcers. Let’s ensure animals benefit from valuable human medical knowledge. Fauna Care zinc spray is an easy and safe way to ensure your animal is getting these benefits.

If you’re determined to ensure the proper healing, protection and prevention of your pets cuts and abrasions, look no further than Fauna Care. This line of sprays is designed to reduce the risk of infections and heal the ones that have already developed. Now get out there and take your dog or dogs (if you have them) on an adventure, like a jaunt on a dog-friendly trail! She wasn’t built to stay inside all day.

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