5 Ways to Keep Your Pooch Cool In The Heat

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November 17, 2018

Your dog isn’t just a guest living in your home: they’re family. They stand by us through our toughest moments, and their share our happiest days. And it’s up to us to make sure that they live life to the fullest! Staying cool over the summer is important for everyone, but us humans need to make sure that we do our part to look out for our furry friends as well. With the heat in full gear, make sure you follow Fauna Care’s tips to keep your dog cool and comfortable!

How to Keep Dogs Cool

  • Provide Drinking Water
  • Shade
  • Swimming
  • Timely Walks
  • Targeted Cooling

1. Have Plenty of Fresh Drinking Water

dog drinking from water bowl

If there’s one thing you need to take away from this article it’s this: make sure your dog stays hydrated. Even without sweating, drinking cool water is essential for regulating body temperature and combating the brutal heat of the sun. If your dog likes them, feel free to pop in a few ice cubes to cool it down even more and make it all the more enticing for your companion. You could even take a frozen water bottle with you on a longer walk to let it melt, then distribute it when needed. Additionally, making sure your dog has access to fresh water is one of the best ways to prevent heat stroke, a serious medical condition that requires veterinary attention as soon as possible. If your dog develops heat stroke, refrain from using ice: you want to cool your dog down slowly, with cooled fresh water, and then take them to the vet as soon as appropriate for your dog.

2. Stick to the Shade

dog sleeping outside in shade

Summer is for running around, fetching balls, and chasing anything that moves: believe me, I know. There is literally nothing purer on this earth than a dog enjoying the simple pleasures of being outside. While you’re out there, make sure to stick around areas with plenty of shade for a quick rest when the activities have ended. Since the sun is no longer beating down on you and your dog, the air will feel 15 degrees cooler, letting you two catch your breath and chill out without that extra solar radiation which can interfere with the dog’s primary process of body cooling, radiation (it’s not panting, who knew!). Dogs can also get rid of excess heat by transferring it to a colder surface (something we humans do all the time) and the cooler shaded ground is perfect for that process. Also, if your dog is susceptible to getting sunburns, staying out of the sun can help prevent any burns and irritation.

3. Go Swimming!

dog swimming in water outside

Remember how I just said the summer is meant for running around? Well get ready to add one more: swimming! What a no brainer! Not only does swimming around provide an amazingly entertaining physical activity for your pooch to relish, swimming in cold water is easily one of the easiest ways to make sure that your dog can cool off and enjoy the sunshine! If your dog is susceptible to sunburns, then staying in the water can still pose a risk, and without fresh water to drink your dog still has a chance of becoming dehydrated and lethargic, but if you also keep in mind the previous two tips, swimming is undoubtedly a perfect summer activity!

4. Walk at Dawn and Dusk

girl walking dogs at sunset on beach

I know, this one’s a bit of a hard sell, but hear me out: it’s already summer, you’re going to be staying up late anyway, why not walk your dog at night too? And waking up earlier in the morning is great for easing yourself into the world in a way that gets you energized to start your day, while providing you with an opportunity to connect with your dog when the world is just beginning to wake. On board now? Fantastic! Walking when the sun is no longer in the sky allows your pup to roam the land without blazing heat fatiguing them the whole time. Of course, make sure that you feel safe: if you feel anxious or scared when you’re walking, you could actually scare your dog as well, and it’s not worth putting either of you through that just to get a better walk. But if you feel safe, and you have the time and energy to go on a walk with your little barker at the cooler times of day, then it could help you and your dog stay cool on your adventures.

5. Know Where Your Dog is Hot

dog on back with stomach in air
Dogs get hot in their bellies!

If you’re out in the world and you find that your dog is starting to overheat, it can help to know where to focus your efforts to help your furry friend. Dogs get hot in their bellies, so if you’re going to treat them to a wet towel it’ll do more good on their stomachs than on their backs. Also, if you think you might be dealing with heat stroke, avoid cooling the head and neck, and don’t submerge your dog in an icy cold bath whatsoever, because the results can be fatal. If things get that serious, head to your vet, but otherwise know that focusing your efforts lower down on your puppy will help regulate their temperature.

We know that your puppy is your pride and joy, so we hope that these tricks can help you and your friend enjoy the most out of your summers. Have fun, stay safe, and make the memories that you’ll both remember for a lifetime!

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June 21, 2018