5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Dog Collar

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Dogs are cute and lovely but collar adds spice to it. Having a collar for your dog has many purposes which ranges from uniqueness to control and security. Collars can serve as a leash and also as a fashion spice. It beautifies the dog and gives it the uniqueness it requires.

A dog's collar is not difficult to get but maintenance is necessary. A collar can be washed and dry cleaned to enhance its beauty and spark. Most collars are quite durable but replacement is inevitable.

Collars get worn out and require replacement but your dog won't know this. It is left for you to be observant and detect when the collar should be changed. There are different ways to detect when a dog's collar needs replacement.

We'll be taking a look at the different signs which show that your dog's collar needs replacement and why it is necessary to replace the dog's collar. 

5 Signs You Need Know

These signs are quite obvious to dog owners who pay attention to their dogs as they are able to detect the slightest changes in their dog and the dog's accessories. Keep a close watch on your dog to notice the little things going on around him,like these 5 signs which show that a collar replacement is necessary.

1.   Not Fitting Well

A collar should be well fitted around the dog's neck. It shouldn't be tight or loose when used on the dog's neck. An old collar might become tighter as the dog grows and this is quite unhealthy and uncomfortable for the dog. A collar of such nature should be replaced with a fitting one so that the respiration of the dog will not be obstructed.

A collar can also be loose during the growth process of a dog as it might lose weight and the collar tends to look like a neck chain instead of a collar. Such a collar should be changed as it makes the dog uncomfortable and uneasy.

2.   Stinking Smell

The collar is usually well washed and cleaned for the safety of the dog. When a collar is old, the smell becomes outstanding as no amount of washing can hide the strong odor. When this is perceived, it is advisable to change the collar as this can create a wrong impression about your dog and the dog might be tagged as a dirty one.

Some people tend to use deodorant for dog collars but this can irritate the dog's skin and create a whole new problem for the dog and its owner. The best solution to this problem is replacement of the collar with a new one. 

3.   Worn Out

Old collars are usually worn out with faded colors. Having a bright and new collar is positively attractive and surprisingly the same is applicable to a worn out collar. Due to the obvious and exposed position of the dog's collar, a worn out and decolourized dog's collar is easily noticeable by the public. A worn out collar should be quickly replaced as a dog stays outdoors a lot.

4.   Unreadable Tags

The essence of some collars are for the tag. The tag contains information on the dog's location and could help one trace who owns the dog in case he goes missing. When this tag starts fading off, it's wise to consider getting a new collar to always ensure your dog's safety. 

5.   Frequent Scratching

A new collar with quality material is quite refreshing to the skin of your dog but an old one does the exact opposite. When your dog starts scratching the neck consistently, a new collar should be considered. The discomfort will be clearly visible and this shows that the material has expired and needs a replacement with something new and soft for your dog's skin.

Why You Should Change Your Dog's Collar

Changing your dog's collar is important because you'll be doing your dog better. Some people don't know the relevance of collar replacement and so they let the collar stay for too long. When you do this, you're neglecting and endangering your dog's health. There are lots of reasons why you should change your dog's collar and a few will be highlighted here.

1.   To Avoid Skin Irritation

Old and worn out collars cause skin irritation to the dogs. When the dog starts scratching, the skin is being irritated, this is due to the old collar which may cause some skin problems for your lovely dog. In order to avoid this dilemma which will lead to spending a lot on the dog's medical expenses, save yourself the stress and your dog a new collar which will end the irritation.

2.   To Avoid Strangulation

When a collar becomes old and tight, it might lead to strangulation of the dog. Some might ask; how will I know that the collar is too small? When you can no longer pass two fingers between collar and the dog's neck comfortably, then know that the collar is becoming too small for the dog. Strangulation can lead to serious health conditions and if neglected, it can lead to the death of the dog. Be observant and know when to give your dog a wider collar as it can save your dog from medical complications. 

3.   To Avoid Neck Damage

When an old collar is left for too long, it can cause neck damage. This damage can be due to tightness and irritation. When the skin is irritated and the dog scratches regularly, this can cause an injury to the neck. When the collar becomes too tight with the skin irritation, this can lead to serious neck damage to your dog. This will lead to spending more. All this can be avoided if you get your dog a new fitted collar which will make him comfortable.

4.   To Avoid Discomfort

Dogs are uncomfortable with old and worn out collars as it will make them scratch a lot without a rest. These collars also make them greatly uncomfortable and this can be observed by a caring owner. Discomfort can make your dog misbehave by barking too much. To prevent your dog from experiencing such, change the collar and replace them with new and fresh collars.

 There are many other reasons why you should change your dog's collar early. This is to prevent you from spending on the dog's health. It also helps to save the dog's life as some of these conditions cannot be treated if it passes the initial stages.


Owning a dog is one thing, being intentional about your dog's affairs is another. Communicate and interact with your dog often to detect simple issues like a collar replacement. Taking note of the signs and taking actions will help improve the dog's health.

Some breeds of dogs and puppies are quite sensitive to such conditions and they try their best possible to alert their owners. Corgi Puppies are such a breed of puppies as they show some unique signs to their owners to make him detect his discomfort and frustrations with the old collar. Having one of these breeds helps busy owners detect their dog's problem at a healthy stage. Be intentional about your dog's health and change the collar when the need arises.

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