5 Kitten Supplies to Add to Your Checklist

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One of the happiest moments of our life is when we adopt a kitten for the first time. It’s like bringing a newborn baby home. After bringing the kitten or cat home, over the next few months you will come to learn and experience a bucket of wonderful things. 

But there are several things you should get before or after adopting a kitten. We will be mentioning 5 kitten supplies to add to your checklist. These are some essential things you need when bringing home the kitten. 

1. Cat Carrier

If you are traveling with your cat or taking him to the vet, a cat carrier would be a wise choice. These are designed specifically for cats and will keep them secured and safe inside. Instead of using the cardboard carrier from the shelter, a cat carrier is a must. It can also be a better choice when bringing the kitten from the shelter as the kitty might be scared and try to claw her way out. 

2. Litter Box

Training the kitten on where it should poop is very important. You don’t want the kitty to poop wherever it wants. Litter boxes come in various dimensions and styles for you to choose from, so depending on your apartment size buy the perfect one. And if you have multiple kittens then you have to get them individual litter boxes, they won’t share. 

Here are some litter box designs to choose from:

  • High-Sided, Open Top – These litter boxes are not completely sealed and can be good for cats who don’t like to be in a surrounding space.
  • Front Entry, Rimmed - Although some cats prefer an open top, even higher sides are needed for privacy and litter control.
  • Front Entry, Covered or Hooded - Useful for privacy-loving cats, odor management, and hiding the litter box.
  • Open Top, Sifting Trays - Suitable for cats who prefer an open box and cat owners who like the simplicity of raising its top tray and collecting all excrement and clustered urine at once.
  • Top Entry - For cats who prefer privacy when using the restroom, this design of the litter box typically works best at preventing litter tracking.
  • Automated Self-Cleaning – These litter boxes can clean the litter automatically and create a cleaner litter box every time your kitten uses it. 

You can start with a small litter box for your kitten and try to make them familiar with it. But you have to buy a cat-sized box once your kitten gets bigger. 

3. Litter Box Cleaning Supplies

You must pick up dog waste off the ground if you own a dog. You need to change diapers if you have a baby. Additionally, if you own a cat, you need to maintain a litter box. Dealing with the bathroom and getting rid of garbage is a necessary aspect of living. This aspect of cat parenting will be simpler if you have the correct tools and a regimen.

  • Litter Box Scoop – To pick up the poop from the litter box you need a scoop. Get a big, sturdy, and good-quality litter box scoop. A scoop is a must-have as you have to take out the poop and clumps of urine every day, but at least once every week. And don’t forget to get a waste removal bag bundle with it. 
  • Litter Mat – It is also pretty important to have as it will catch the litter particles from cat paws once they leave the litter box. A mat is well worth it if you don’t want those excess litter particles all over your home. 
  • Litter Deodorizer – This can be also a necessary tool to kill the odor from the litter box. It may not be that important if the litter box is on the balcony but can be very useful if you put the litter box in a room or toilet. 

4. Proper Food & Treats for Kitten

To keep the kitten healthy, you need proper nutritious food and treats. First, have a talk with the shelter about what they have been feeding the kitten. As your cat already has to contend with a variety of diverse things in your home, try to keep diet changes to a minimum.

Keep in mind not to buy a large bag of food or treats the first time, you have to throw it all away if your kitty doesn’t like it. Start with little and observe the kitty’s behavior towards the food. You can always seek a veterinarian’s guidance. There are many food formulations depending on the cat’s or kitten’s requirements, activity level, weight, age, and any food sensitivity. Therefore, it is important to find the perfect food for your kitten. 

5. Cat Water Fountain

Cats usually do not like to drink still water from bowls. One of their instinctive behavior is they like to drink running water since still water can be stagnant in the wild. You may see your cat trying to drink water from the faucet so it is a great time to introduce them to a cat water fountain, as it does an amazing job of providing moving water. Water fountain also encourages cats to drink more water. Also make note that it is crucial to keep your kitten hydrated or they will be affected with various disease.

Final Thoughts

After going through this article we hope you now know what to get before adopting a kitten. These things will not only make your life easier with a pet, but they will also help the kitten in many ways. These are some great essentials to get started.

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